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A Program to design basket illusion patterns and view them on a vase, bowl or platter

- Easy to use to experiment with different vessel shapes and patterns

- Design vessel with shapes spanning from platters to vases

- Allows an iterative design process with immediate 3D visualization

- The profile is based on Bezier curves and is easy to modify

- Pattern editors with a grid or radial format

- Printed output of the plans for constructing the project

- Plus many more features

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Program Image

The program provides a multi panel layout with a main panel that displays the views for data specification and different aspects of the design. There are also two side panels on the right that display a 3D image of the current vessel design and the current profile. As data is changed on the main panel the side panels provide immediate feedback.

The 3D Views allows manipulation of the image by zooming in and out and repositioning the image with the mouse

Specification Views

App Defaults

Parameters that are persisted when the program is closed. The defaults are used to populate the vessel when a new vessel is initialized


Values that apply to the current vessel. These include tabs for general parameters, inside surface and outside surface of the vessel.


The view that allows the manipulation of the profile. The outer profile is based on a Bezier curve that is defined by user specified points. Changes to the profile causes the vessel to be recalculated resulting in the profile view displaying the inner wall profile.

Specification Dialogs

Pattern Editors

The graphics editors used to define the patterns applied to the surfaces of the vessel. The editors display the pattern in either a grid or radial format.

Additional Views

3D View

A 3D view of the turned vessel

Program Features

For a full description of all of the features see the user guide

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